Product Specification:
MPi40MPV (pdf/517k)
MPi130MPV (pdf/513k)



Our wafers, cells and modules are produced under one roof manufacturing plant which assures that the highest quality components go into each of our panels. Nevertheless, research are still going on to include :

  • improved array structures that allow for minimal impacts for cell size and type changes.
  • ease of manufacture, scalability and improved power to mass ratio.
  • improvements in laydown techniques to simplify manufacturability and to reduce costs.
  • leaps in technology for space-based solar cells that will improve efficiencies, increase radiation tolerances, utilize inexpensive materials.
  • improved simulation, analysis, and testing, etc.


Advanced technology with Long-Term and Reliable Performance

  • Each module is individually tested to ensure field performance meets or exceeds specifications.
  • Solar cells are matched to reduce internal losses and the possibility of hot spots.
  • Rugged, durable aluminium frame makes for strong, stable mechanical mounting.

Environmental-Friendly Performance

  • Photovoltaics provide clean, quiet reliable electricity from unlimited sunlight.
  • No emissions to contaminate the environment.
  • The sun - a limitless, energy avaliable power source.