Product Specification:

Heat transition pipe has a low heat capacity, and a rapid heat exchange rate up to 99%, so it is a very fast heat exchanger. Startup is fast, within 5 minutes to collect solar energy. At the same time, it has a uni-directional heat exchange function or can be thought of a heat transfer version of a check valve. For example, heat exchange is a direct conduction from the heat absorber to water. But it will not back up or heat flow in a reverse direction.

Because of the evacuated effect in the glass tube and special construction of condenser, the highest working temperature can be controlled and maintained. Therefore, this particular characteristic can ensure the stability and high output even under especially cold conditions outside.


Product Specification:

The heat transition pipe collector have the special ability of absorbing solar energy in an efficient way, by applying the uni-directional heat exchange function, which can reduce the heat loss to the greatest degree. In addition, the highly selective coating can transfer the perpendicular incident radiation and diffused radiation to the super conducting heat pipes.

As the heat transition pipes take on the available absorb solar energy and heat preservation adiabatic function, even under a disadvantage condition, it can also arrest drain of heat. Therefore, the transition heat pipe collector takes on the transfer solar energy function rapidly. This optimized combination is superior to any other collectors even in an unusual condition.


Product Specification:

The transition U-Tube collector are always connected with existing heating supply device, the highly selective coating on the inner cover of the evacuated tube converts solar energy into heat energy and transfers heat to metal U-tube by an aluminum fin. The heat transfer fluid, usually a glycol-water antifreeze mixture inside the metal U-tube is heated, and conducts the heat energy to the water inside the storage tank through plate exchanger or internal spiral coils.