Product Specification:
MPi2.0 4.0 6.0-FP(pdf/563k)



Solar radiation resources are characterized with respect to the direct-beam and diffuse components of total (global) solar radiation. Direct-beam radiation comes directly from the sun's disk and is called direct-normal when the receiving surface is normal (perpendicular) to the sun's rays. Diffuse solar radiation comes from the sky, excluding the sun's disk.

The characterization of global solar radiation into direct and diffuse components is very important because different types of solar systems are designed to use the available solar radiation differently.

Therefore, solar radiation resource characterization involves measurement and modeling techniques, measurement instrumentation, and multiyear data bases for simulating solar system performance so that we can optimize system design and reduce uncertainties in the performance predictions.

Some characteristics of Flat Plate Solar Collector:

  • Special anodized aluminium alloy frame to ensure handsome appearance and can withstand high pressure without leakage.
  • 50mm fiberglass insulation and EPDM seal strip to assure the solar collector can work under harsh and very cold temperature.
  • Operation temperature can up to 200°C.
  • Patterned temper glass or low iron temp glass (4mm thickness) is not easy broken with very high transmission and low emission Black Chrome or Magnetic blue sputtering or TiNOX coating has very high absorption rate to ensure the high efficiency.
  • Certified with EN12975-1,2 Standard.