Product Specification:

The evacuated heat-pipe is a revolutionary breakthrough in solar thermal technology as well as the symbol of a great leap in solar thermal utilization field after continuous researches year after year.

Main advantages of the Evacuated Heat Pipe

  • Heat-pipe conduction, no water inside, thus it can prevent the defects of tube block and low power output caused by water fouling and deposits of mud and sand.
  • It can prevent the tube from being easily broken caused by the volume expansion when the water inside tube freezes in frigid season.
  • Start up quickly. Energy inside the tube can be taken out within 2 minutes under sunshine. The stagnation temperature of the heat-pipe can reach 220°C
  • High efficient selective absorptive coatings and vacuum heat insulation technology ensure the tube to get higher heat output in cloudy weather and in moist area, especially in winter.
  • Solar collecting plate is installed and sealed inside the tube of high-quality borosilicate glass with 5x10 Pa of vacuum, so it cannot be corroded event in moist area.
  • It perfectly solves the fetal defect of the common all-glass vacuum tube solar water heater, which can not run if one of the tubes does not work out.
  • It has high heat efficiency of about 15% higher than other all-glass evacuated tube.


Product Specification:
The evacuated heat pipe collectors are always connected with existing heating supply device in any situation, whether on a flat roof, in a backyard garden, or on a building facade. The heat pipe collector structure with its highly absorber coating on its metal fin, and with a high-quality insulation make it one of the highest-performance collectors of its type.