Product Specification:
MPi47-1500-AG (pdf/743k)
MPi48-1800-AG (pdf/470k)

Nanometer molecular engineering is greatly applied to improve the absorption capability, and increased the heat collecting ability of the absorber coating by about 18%, so the water temperature can be raised a lot. This unique carbonic coating is more reliable than the traditional AL-N/AL coating, and its ageing persistence is longer, and the coating property is better.

Advanced technology:
Multi-layer magnetron sputtering aluminum-nitrogen/aluminum highly selective absorption coating has improved the heat collecting efficiency of the glass evacuated tube.

Wall material:
Evacuated tube is made of 3.3 high boron silicon glass tube that complied with QB/T2436-99 (idt) ISO4803-1978 Standard, with high transmittance, well cold and thermal shock resistance and strong optical stability.

Quality Assurance:
Strictly conforms to the national standards GB/T17049-1997 starting from raw material to finished products.



Product Specification:

All glass evacuated tubes are the key component of the solar collectors. Each evacuated tube consists of two glass tubes with vacuum in-between. The outer tube is made of extremely strong transparent borosilicate glass that is able to resist impact from hail up to 25mm in diameter. The inner tube is also made of borosilicate glass, but is coated with a special highly selective coating, which features excellent solar heat absorption and minimal heat reflection properties. The air is withdrawn (evacuated) from the space between the two glass tubes to form a vacuum, which eliminates heat loss from conduction and convection. Unlike other solar collectors, evacuated glass tube solar collectors can still provide excellent results on cloudy days because the tubes are able to absorb energy from infrared rays, which can pass through clouds. Wind and low temperatures also have less effect on the function of evacuated tubes when compared to flat plate solar collectors due to the insulating properties of the vacuum.