Interior design involves the selection of interior design elements and the arrangement of them within a spatial enclosure to satisfy certain functional and aesthetic needs and wishes. This arrangement of elements in a space includes the act of making patterns. No one single part or element in a space stands alone. In a design pattern, all of the parts, elements or pieces depend on one another for their visual impact, function and meaning.

Mansell & Partners are concerned here with the visual relationships established among the interior design elements in a space. The following design principles are not intended to be hard and fast rules, but rather guidelines to the possible ways design elements can be arranged into recognizable patterns. Ultimately, we must learn to judge the appropriateness of a pattern, its visual role in a space, and its meaning to the users of the space. These principles, however, can help develop and maintain a sense of visual order among the design elements of a space while accommodating their intended use and function.


7017-28 7018 7073 7091A 7091B
8016 CAPILLA PM D57 Drainage System E27
I-28 Corner Toilet IRENE PM LED-9282 LED-9282A LED Downlight
M05-9107 M05-9107A M05-9245 M5-9250 M5-9250A
M55-926X M Bench M55-8786 M55-8951 M55-9187
M55-9187A M55-9217 M55-9245 M55-9250 M55-9254
M55-9284 M55-9284A M7033 M7050 M7052
M7052A M8017 M8022 M8022A M8023
M8023A M8024 MLDB-103 Music-Armchair Outdoor-Chair-Sak
Patio-Heater-&-Light Pedestal POLO-PM Railing-C Railing
Sun-Chair V-230-Basin V-5390 V-5410 V-X70