Founded in 1990 and headquarted in Hong Kong, Mansell is a highly professional group of architects, interior & landscape designers, consulting engineers, property consultants and manufacturers of engineering products and solutions to meet the needs and improve the quality of life for the communities around the world-attractive, sophisticated and technically perfect. The wishes and values of our customers are the guiding principle behind our approach. Therefore, Mansell always strengthens our clients' competitiveness by leveraging outsourcing opportunities to efficiently minimize manufacturing overhead, shorten lead times and move the product faster to market at lower risk.

The three pillars in our company logo reflects our expertise in the area of engineering consulting, sustainable energy development and manufacturing in projects of every type and scale throughout the world. Our success stems from creativity, commitment and enthusiasm. We strive to lead the way with our innovations, R&D and to set new standards which substantiate our brand claim of "smart and green engineering".